False Intelligence about ISIS

7df2c-isis-militantsISIS has 31,500 fighters, according the CIA. That means 63,000 ISIS people (same amount of people in support functions like administrators, medical people, financial, etc.) governing an area a bit larger then Great Britain. That is nonsense of course, to administer such area with such less people.

According a commander of the Kurdish fighters who battled the extremists told the Independent
on Sunday that they number closer to 200,000. According other sources, that number is more accurate and according logic, 200,000 people is too less to administer such large area.

The US announced that the Iraqi army of 25,000 is being trained to take Mosul from ISIS the coming month.

If the CIA is already wrong with their estimates, then 25,000 men from the Iraqi army is not enough. That said, which idiot is announcing an attack, tell where and when and with how many men?

Unless the US is fooling everyone, that army will be slaughtered. But observing Obama’s efforts so far, I’m afraid that he’s not bluffing and does not feed us with misinformation. It will be a crippling defeat.

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