You don’t have Privacy!

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May 14, 2015 by wimvincken

Are you a person, who feels that your privacy must be protected? You think it’s possible to protect your privacy? Well, when you read this article, your privacy has already been violated. This blog is hosted with Google and they are one of those champions in raping every visitor’s privacy. Pity that.

If you have an Internet explorer, every single page you browse, will be registered at Microsoft and transferred to the NSA. Cookies will be set and Google will trace your behavior too. It remembers every time you are in the Internet and what you’re doing. It knows your name, it gets the names of your friends and family (if they like it or not), it knows (or will know) your preferences in many things, it knows your photos, your sexual preferences, your religious tendencies, your work history, your schools, your schoolmates, what car you drive, where you went on vacation, embarrassing information, etc.

If you use a browser like Tor, nobody can trace you and your ..privacy is guaranteed. Is that so?
No. In my situation, when I use Tor and go to Google, it knows who I am, even with Tor. My IP address tells them, even when Tor claims that it is protected.

If you are worried about what NSA does with your data, don’t. Unless you did something bad! If you are worried about your privacy and NSA, you have all reason to. But your privacy is already raped when you enter the Internet. And nobody can stop it.
Ask Google to remove your profile with them? They do! But your profile is also known in hundreds, maybe thousands of other sites.

It’s the side effect of the globalization.


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