Fight against Islamic Extremism 1

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July 13, 2015 by wimvincken

Since the start of bombing the ISIS or the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the following facts happened:
1. Many IS militants were killed because of the bombing.
2. The momentum of the advancement of ISIS is dramatically slowed, but not stopped.
3. The many Syrian Islamic extremists groups are defeated by ISIS or merged with them.
4. The Islamic State managed to expand into several countries, mainly in Africa.
5. The growth of Islamic extremism has grown in many countries around the world, a big part in Africa.
6. The negotiations between Iran and America about Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon are still dragged on.
6. The influence of Iran in the Middle East had expanded.

The IS is known to execute thousands of people until now. They used beheadings, crucifixions, stoning, cutting limps like hands, feet, fingers, eyes and tongues, killing by the bullet, burning alive and throwing to death from a high building.
The IS is targeting their victims for execution mainly none believers in their version of the Islamic faith. That means also Muslims, who do not live according the ‘true’ Islam, any Muslim, who is not a Sunni Muslim. Further, they target Sunni Muslims, which were known to fight the Islamic State before. Further, they also execute people, who are homosexuals.
The IS is choosing the type of execution, which is defined by the Koran and Sharia (Islamic Law). For example, a betrayer will be executed by crucifixion. A thief will have his hand cut off. A woman, caught in an illegal relationship with another man will be stoned. A Muslim insulting the Islam or Koran, receives a number of lashes in public.
There is a complete list of punishments in the Sharia, or the Islamic Law.

The IS also executed prisoners from America, England and Japan by beheading them in front of the camera and publish the video in the Internet.
Furthermore, they published a video of an execution of a captured pilot from Jordan, who was burned alive.
The IS also published videos of homosexual persons being thrown from high buildings to their death.

In the world community, the videos of the executions of the men from America, England and Japan caused public uproar. The execution of the captured pilot from Jordan caused public uproar in the world, including Jordan.

The videos, which were published in the Internet, caused damnation by many in the world, but also pleased others.

The IS enjoys a growing popularity throughout the world.

The reason for this popularity is because the IS not only represents the Islam, it also applies it successfully and is able to survive and to grow.

Just like Catholic faith changed from interpreting the bible into literally living according the bible, the IS is living literally according the Koran and implements the Islamic Law.

Those are the reasons, why many Muslim people support the Islamic state.

The IS announced the Holy War against all non Muslims and what they call false Muslims (not living according the Sharia and fighting the IS). That is the main reason, why many Muslims throughout the world travel to the IS.

Definition, expansion and growth
The IS is a self declared state. It is an Islamic state. The name of the group of people, who created and declared the Islamic state, is called ISIS.

ISIS consists only out of people of the Sunni Islamic faith. The methods and strategies of the ISIS classifies them as extremists. So they are called Islamic extremists.

The Islamic extremists in Syria and Iraq,  fighting under the ISIS banner, are belonging to the Islamic state.
The Islamic extremists in Syria, Iraq and everywhere else in the world, belong to their Islamic extremist groups and not to the Islamic state.

The Islamic State is slowly growing in territory, numbers and in popularity.

The territory the IS holds is only in Iraq and Syria. The coalition of 60 countries throughout the world, led by America, is slowing the expansion, but not stopping it.

Furthermore, the IS is expanding dramatically in Africa, unopposed.

Other Islamic extremist groups, not associated with the IS or ISIS, expanding their territories as well.

The world attention, and the focus of the coalition of American led countries, is mainly against the IS in Syria and Iraq, where they are able to slow the advancement of the IS, but fail to slow or stop the expansion of the IS and other Islamic extremists throughout the world.

The Muslim Conflict
There are two large Muslim fractions in the world. The biggest group are the Sunni Muslims, followed by the Shi’ite Muslims.
A country like Saudi Arabia is mainly Sunni Muslim, while Iran is mainly Shi’ite. The Islamic state is only Sunni Muslim.

Those two Islamic groups are in conflict with each other.
Both fractions are trying to expand their territory. Both fractions using similar strategies to accomplish that.
Both of them are using existing Islamic extremist groups in an existing country to destroy the government and establishment and to take over the power.

Both fractions are supporting those Islamic extremists with funds, weapons and knowledge.

Both fractions are supporting their own Islamic extremist groups in the same country. To make things more complicated, non Muslim countries like America and Russia are supporting their choice of Islamic extremist groups.

Because of this conflict of the fractions in the Islamic world, and the interference of some countries, the number of death is staggering and counted in the millions already.

Read more in part 2.

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