Moral Hypocrisy of the Moral Hypocrisy

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August 1, 2015 by wimvincken

In the article “ISIS,Terror and the Moral Hypocricy of the West” in, the authors Richard Flanz and John Brown wrote an amazing article. They pointed out, rightfully, the hypocrisy of the West about several conflicts in the Middle East.

ISISWith great disappointment though, they made some statements, which confirms their own hypocrisy and ignorance about several issues, like Afghanistan, Iraq and Israel.

They went even so far by accusing Israel to be racist, violent and intolerable!

Let me prove to you if these statements are true. An Arab woman is able to travel in any area in Israel and if she needs any assistance or help from any Israeli, religious or not, she receives it instantly, not one second of delay. She has the same rights as any Israeli, no question about that too. Like her, any Israeli Arab too. Arabs living and traveling in Israel feel safe and are not threatened by anyone!

The accusations of racist is absurd and not true. Being not tolerant is also not correct. Violent? Also a wrong accusation.

If a Jew, obvious Jew or not, would walk in the West Bank or Gaza, they would not be assisted, and most likely be attacked.
Violent? Yes. Intolerant? Yes. Racist? Yes, Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank are exactly that!

If you look at the trouble spots, where the riots are taking place, there you see violence, intolerance and of course racism from the Jews, Palestinians and others. Some senior Palestinians triggered the violence, the Israeli authorities trying to contain or stop it, and some Jews like to use the violence for their own personal and political goals.

The violence of Hamas in the last war, the kidnappings of the three children, the impotent intentions of Hamas to kill Israeli citizens, helped certain ultra conservative parties and movements to push their agendas into the daily politics, so that any intention for a common peace is pushed back. But it helped also certain left oriented political groups inside and outside Israel, with the same effects. All of them had the common goal as anti peace.

The Palestinian masterminds caused the current tensions themselves, intentionally or not.

Middle East
After America was attacked by a terrorist organization, by means of mega-terror attacks, America responded rightfully so by attacking the country, which was openly hosting the terror organization.  America was part of the NATO, which attacked and occupied Afghanistan.

Iraq attacked Kuwait, was suspected of developing or having chemical, and even atomic weapons. The UN approved invasion occurred. The atomic weapons were never found, and everyone must be grateful because of that. But Iraq tried to get the atomic weapons, that’s for sure and was proven very clearly.

Like in Afghanistan, the coalition of Western, Asian and Arab countries, attacked Iraq and occupied it. Unlike Afghanistan, the process of retreating the foreign armies from Iraqi soil didn’t go as was wise.

President Obama removed his troops as last invading and occupying country from Iraq without safeties in place, like what you can see happening in Afghanistan now.

The power vacuum, which occurred after the US forces left Iraq, were filled by extremists.
The civil war in Syria was transformed to incursions by Islamic extremism.

As the article already mentioned, ISIS received many resources from mainly Arab countries because of various political, strategic and economic reasons, and of course by certain western powers. And not only the ISIS received the help and support, all other Islamic extremist groups as well.

ISIS managed to do its thing, and we have now a Frankenstein on our hands.

To blame the US for all the evil in Afghanistan, Iraq and ISIS, the Israelis for the evil in Gaza and the Palestinians is plainly wrong, as was suggested in the article mention.

I go a step further. We are talking here about ISIS and the response of the international community and what ISIS actually stands for.

ISIS claims that they represents and implements true Islam. I agree. They truly implement true Islam. With the Internet, it is so easy to check this out yourself. Go to a site, which hosts the Koran and search for ‘beheading’, ‘crucifixion’, ‘slave’, etc. and you find multiple verses for each and much more.

In the same religious texts you find the reasons for the Islamic State and the need of its expansion.

And then we have the reaction of the international community against ISIS. The lessons of the global conflicts that were World War I and II were obviously not learned and history is repeating itself again.

The same ignorance, impotant and cynical behavior rules the global conflicts of today as the ones if the previous century.

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