Why are our Democratically Voted Leaders still in Office?

In Syria they perform genocide. There is ISIS and Assad, supported by Russia and Iran. And also America and the Gulf States … and who knows how many more (democratic) countries in secret too. There are already more then 350,000 citizens killed. And more then 5 million Syrian citizens are on the move and displaced. And there are 3.5 million Syrian refugees in the surrounded countries. The ISIS is wiping out minorities and actively trying to kill Christians, Muslims and anyone who is not them. Multiple genocides take place.

  • The reaction of the world population? Complaining, murmuring and nervous, but that’s it.
  • Our democratic elected leaders? Complaining, murmuring, nervous, but that’s it too.

And who’s responsible? Assad and ISIS? Those countries who are supporting them? Or our governments who let them? Or you, who allow our governments to ignore the threat against our way of living and existence?

ISIS and Assad is not only harming their own people, also the international community! This year there are more then 800 people killed by them (ISIS). Or the History of International Attacks from ISIS. They attacked 6 western and 8 Middle Eastern countries and it looks like they don’t stop. And they announced that they are coming for you, my reader.

Our democratic elected leaders and governments let them continue.

In Paris they killed more then 100 citizens. And what is France going to do to stop that? Empty words and some bombs? Is the ISIS stopped or going to be stopped? No, I don’t think so. Those people were killed because you allow our governments to do so.

Funny thing is, that our democratic elected governments are being paid with your tax money and allow them to be incompetent.

Everyone knows who performs the terror on our countries. Everyone knows who are performing the genocides on hundreds of thousands of civilians. Everyone knows who are pushing those millions of refugees to Europe. And everyone knows where they are located. Our countries have armies and the means to stop them permanently. Why is nobody actually doing something to stop this? And the more important question is why are our democratic elected leaders still in office?

I can guarantee you that if they will be kicked out of their offices, their replacements will be forced to do something about this serious problem and threat for our existence and the ISIS problem will be part of the past, a very bad nightmare of bad leadership. A black spot on our civilizations.

If we don’t, then you know what’s waiting for us? I explain it in the following pictures:


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