Questions about your Security

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December 8, 2015 by wimvincken

Here are some questions about your personal security in the United States (these questions can be applied at any country in the world though). Answer them and you see what others think about it too.

Do you prefer to visit a shop with an armed guard in front of the entrance?

It doesn’t completely protect you against terrorists and mass shooters, but it might make it very difficult for potential madmen, and give you an early warning that the shop is under attack. Be aware, part of that protection is that you will be personally scanned against weapons, knives, bombs, etc. Everything what might be dangerous and can be used in an attack!

Do you like the idea that many armed citizens walk in public? The purpose is of course for protection against mass shooters and terrorists.

I hope that you’re aware that those security measures have saved the lives of many people in Israel against the constant stream of terror without discriminating against Arabs and Palestinians?

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