Genocide in the US – 44.5 million killed, 3,000 per Day and Counting


July 10, 2018 by wimvincken

The number of people killed in the US is 44.5 million, 8.9 million people are black. And these numbers are only record from 1970 till 2014. And those are the death of people, which are reported to the CDC, which performs surveillance on legal abortions (many abortions went unreported). What the real number of people killed is unknown, but it’s in the millions. In the US, nearly half of pregnancies are unintended and 40% of them are killed. That’s 3000 killings a day. In the 2014, 652,639 people were killed by abortion, 323,999 killed by the Planned Parenthood organization.

Does that mean that killing 44.5 million people over the years is genocide?

Genocide is intentional action to destroy a people in whole or in part.

According the definition of genocide, it is. Killing 44.5 million people intentionally is genocide.

In the US, the population grows about 3.3 million per year. That’s 145 million new born people over 44 years. Without the genocide, that new American population would count 189.5 million people. 23% of the new born are murdered in America. Legally murdered. In my view, looking at those shocking numbers, I would say that the US is not only performing genocide, but also national suicide.


One thought on “Genocide in the US – 44.5 million killed, 3,000 per Day and Counting

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