How To Fight The Whole World

Let’s see, what’s going on with the United States and the world. America is attacking many countries in the world. No. America is counter attacking many countries in the world. We are talking about trade, or Mexico with the invasion of the illegals, the drain of the American economy to pay a bunch of rich freeloaders or the imperialistic Chinese. After taking care of the Islamic problems, the actual problems are popping up, which exists already for tens of years. This is Trump take to confront and to stop it all. Let’s see if he succeed.


Ah, trade. Or better, dishonest or unbalanced trade. There are too many publications about that subject, but there are not too many publications about fighting dishonest trade. President Trump has started multiple trade wars with multiple countries, even that some of them prefer not to call it a trade war. We have China, Mexico, Canada and the EU. We had also South Korea and Japan on that list, but they quietly fixed that.

With the help of using tariffs and the manipulation of the mainstream media and the alternative media and the Internet (Twitter), the President fires the virtual (economical) shots towards those countries (after they ignored him). And the world screams and moans, but here we are.

A very importnt question is, are trade wars winnable? According many economical ‘specialists’, they are not winnable. They are wrong of course, according Trump.

Trade wars are not winnable, both sides are the losers; that’s economics 101 for you; that’s what they teach at schools, colleges and universities. That’s the theory.

Except this is not the theory, this is dirty business, as a war (virtual or economical or not) usually is.

  1. When you have a trade deficit of more then half a trillion ($568 billion in 2017 (source)) dollars, you can’t lose a trade war.
  2. Trump’s potential tariff list is $151 billion longer than Germany’s and $376 billion longer than China’s and that means that Trump has a huge leverage in the trade wars.
  3. President Trump didn’t started the trade war, China, EU, Canada and Mexico did. President Trump is only responding to it (after so many years).
  4. The trade deficit is actually $811 billion, but there is a American trade surplus in services ($243 billion).
  5. The trade deficits drags the American economy down with an overall 3%! Meaning, that when Trump wins the trade wars, it means the American economy would be 3 percent larger than it is now.
  6. The creation of NAFTA (1994) and the WTO (1995) drove the trade deficit up dramatically. Meaning that under the economical rules, economic growth went mainly to China instead of the United States.
  7. The true economical power of the United States is not soy beans or bourbon or the like, but in advanced technological development, especially in electronics and technology that is at the cutting edge.

When (not if) President Trump will manage to turn the tables back to the United States, Mexico, Canada, EU and China will scream murder, and they will suffer (for the change). With the EU political problems and infighting and threats and the disastrous immigration policies, the threats of the economic meltdown of China (source, source), it will not take much to get this settled, if they like it or not. It will not make President Trump popular, except with the Republicans and later when everyone enjoys the economical growth in America, everyone else.


Who could say that from all of the nations in the world Mexico is the one, who shows America how to protect its borders! Believe it or not, but that’s exactly what the Mexican president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is planning to do. He plans to establish a distinct border-police force to combat illegal immigration as well as drug and weapon smuggling from Central America (source).

But as a socialist, he’s bound to spend money from anyone else except his and what Mexico can generate. For example, his views about preventing corruption is increasing salaries and benefits for law enforcement officials and create more police academies to double the number of security personnel that can receive training per year. More measures to contain immigration under Lopez Obrador will be increasing the social welfare for the improvement and the quality of life of their citizens, until the mountain of money is gone. Then increase taxes, confiscating properties, inflation, etc. Look at Venezuela and all the other socialist states what happens with them; they fail.

And here is proof again, that an elitist like Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has no idea how people live and what it takes to live a life of work and paying the bills, raising kids, and obviously he’s not interested to learn that. Another failure before it even starts. Preventing corruption will not be fixed by increasing salaries and benefits for certain groups; but what it does is increasing the side of their exclusive elitist group. And increasing the number of security personnel is nothing else then better protection from his and his little exclusive club of the rich. This will be Venezuela number two.

If America will not build its wall before the expected explosion of millions of Mexicans, it will suffer greatly the brunt of the human and economical disaster to come. With the socialists in power in Mexico, America needs to reconsider the type of walls it wants to build; make it high, wide and lethal.


As written in the Leave the NATO, and Are UN, EU and NATO threatened?, with the uprising of populism, and the Trump effects, NATO by itself is now in the focus of the world and indeed, the remarks President Trump made already during his presidential campaign about NATO make absolute sense.

In the world of the Conquer the world 101, a rule states that you need to try to make your enemy depend on you. So, allow stupid Germany depend (60%-70%) on your gas. You get the billions and when the time comes for the conflict, blackmail or simply turn off the tab. From the perspective of Germany, this is a serious strategical mishap or blunder … or is it? The same dogmatic thinking was applied on the immigration disaster, which is now threaten the EU and Western Europe as the whole.

The 2% of their GDP as guideline for any NATO country is largely ignored. Germany shows clear contempt. With their 1.2% of their GDP spend on defense efforts, and vague promises to increase it to 1.5% GDP somewhere in the future (2024), it’s clear that they don’t think to pay one single dollar (or Euro) more. It’s actually worse. With their navy, air force and army failing so miserable, Germany is not a fighting force at all in the NATO anymore. And how did Germany manage that? By purposefully not investing in maintenance. So all their creeping, riding, floating and flying shining toys are now in a desperate state of repair, and they don’t have plans to change that.

And then their overtures to Iran and their desperate, greedy eyes looking at all those billions they can get. An Iranian regime, which has human abuses as breakfast and suppressing the population as dinner and torture as lunch, women have absolutely no rights whatsoever, political prisoners tortured and killed, etc. Germany is telling the world that they are so human and social, but when it comes to earning a couple of bucks, they suddenly forget and dump everything and they become greedy. They see it as a good thing to work against that ‘barbarian in Washington‘, President Trump. Germany knows that with releasing moneys from the German banks to the Iranians, that money will be used for terrorism and cause human suffering everywhere. But, as I said already, for a couple of billions, they are willingly to sell their souls to the devil.

And then we have the NATO itself. The original reason for the creation of NATO is totally changed. Originally the NATO was created to “keep the Russians out, the Americans in and the Germans down” is dramatically changed. The original threat of communism and the USSR and (later) their Warschaupact is totally gone, not existing anymore. Russia is not an existential threat to Europe. The Russian army might look aggressive, and its leader noisy, sarcastic, even funny, but qua content it’s not even close to being an European threat. And don’t tell me about the state of the German army, air force and the navy, it’s deplorable and is not a fighting force at all anymore, not even against a small country like Luxembourg. So, the only part left is “America in”. And that’s what all NATO members wants, of course. It’s the Yankee dollar reason.

Common sense tells that if America needs to pay more then a trillion dollars per year (actual costs) for the NATO, to have their tea parties, building a nice and fancy billion dollar building, try to restrict American military interventions and movements, being cursed at, being bashed, then it’s time to get out of there.

But the reality is that President Trump’s show at the NATO summit was effective in a way that the NATO partners again promised to increase their budgets and that’s it. But for how long that will be is unknown and if they actually pay for their defense is also something not sure.


China, officially the People’s Republic of China (PRC), is a one party unitary sovereign state in South-East Asia, with a population of about 1.4 billion people. The history of this amazing country goes back thousands of years, part of the earliest civilizations to men (1. Middle East, 2. India, 3. China, 4. South America and 5. Northern part of South America). In 221 BCE was the first imperial unification, in 1912 the Chinese republic was established, in 1949 was the People’s Republic proclaimed, their nominal GDP is 14 trillion dollars (estimated).

Their current problems is an overheating economy and the expected negative birthrate in 2030, being surpassed by India on all levels. Also they are now target of President Trump’s trade war and their obvious strategical mishaps, which will cost them dearly.

China is investing huge amount of resources into the armed forces with the newest stealth technologies (they have ‘stolen’ and copied from America), their increased development of missile technologies, their mass production of their navy, their newest fifth generation airplanes and the list goes on and on. In the meanwhile, they expanded their “empire” by claiming the Chinese sea, bullying other countries, trying to expand their economical power and getting Taiwan back into their warm embrace.

And of course, with their aggressive expansions, the threatening language, their ‘leaked’ reports, they see themselves as the power, which will take America’s crown of world domination in a couple of years or sooner.

Except strategically wise, America’s triumph is the submarine card, which will hold and stop any advantage China might have with their seemingly endless foot solders being transported to any island near them.

And how longer China must wait with their imperial plans, how larger the risk that China will collapse, and collapse it will. Unless they can expand dramatically, but that’s the problem. Naughty Americans. Stupid Chinese.

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