Proof of Concept for the Democrats

Many times I get the request for a proof of concept when I’m talking to a potential client. I’m a senior consultant in IT and information technologies and methodologies. But this also applies for politics and the political parties, like Republicans and Democrats. Why? If you hear the politicians speak about themselves and their party, both of them are promising the best, they promise heaven on earth and they all claim that they are able to do the job much better then the other. For the perspective of the voter, how do you know that they are right? How do you know that they are not bluffing or that they have other intentions then what they claim?

The only way to determine who might be good for America, State or city is getting the Proof of Concept. and how strange it is, it’s rather easy to get and it tells it all.

As proof of concept, look at the cities in the United States.

What are the worst cities and who is running the state:

  1. Washington, D.C. – Democrats
  2. Detroit – Democrats
  3. New York City – Democrats
  4. San Francisco – Democrats
  5. Gulfport, Mississippi – Democrats
  6. Oakland, California – Democrats
  7. Chattanooga, Tennessee – Republican
  8. Flint, Michigan – Democrats
  9. Cleveland, Ohio – Republican
  10. Hartford, Connecticut – Democrats


What are the best cities and who runs the state:

  1. Nampa, Idaho – Republican
  2. Provo, Utah – Republican
  3. Boise, Idaho – Republican
  4. Lexington/Fayette, Kentucky – Republican
  5. Missoula, Montana – Republican
  6. Sioux Falls, South Dakota – Republican
  7. Durham, North Carolina – Republican
  8. Lewiston, Maine – Democrat
  9. Nashua, New Hampshire – Democrat
  10. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Republican


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