Now the Left is Building the Walls

The infamous wall from President Trump received an enormous amount of publicity and until this very moment, the wall is not build or even an attempt to be build in its total. The wall is part of the immigration policies, which are fought throughout the American (political) society. The biggest opponents are the mainstream media, Democrats, the left, the liberals and the fascists.

That is a given fact that the left is gearing up to fight the current legal President with all means, but who could imagine that in another liberal center the opposite is happening … well, not the opposite exactly, but they (the left) are building walls protecting the properties from the liberals against the extremists … in extreme left and liberal London!If such thing as Democrats winning the two coming elections and dominate the US, this will happen in the US too.

Note I’m not sure if this applicable here in the scope of this article, but almost all traces of the news articles about these events are removed from the major search engines.

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