The Trump Enigma

There are people, who are criticizing President Trump about his behavior and language. Can you imagine your President as soft spoken, civilized, friendly, thoughtful, handsome, elegant, young, dynamic, charming, sexy, political correct, supportive, intelligent, flawless, soft spoken, beautiful green eyes, athletic, strong, good smelling, bright white teeth, photogenic and sweet? And …

… being attacked by communists, socialists, anarchists, liberals, the establishment, the security services …

… and being misused by America’s best friends and partners …

… all of it by certain people with billions of dollars, plotting to bring down the President and America, promoting socialism?

Assisted by the Democrats?

Do you really think that that such person exists, who can function like a President of the United States, being confronted by such destructive powers?


And if you didn’t already guessed it, it’s our President Trump.

And he’s doing it very well.


      1. Indeed I do.
        When I read the remarks and comments at the Foxnews, and I read about many people claiming that they don’t like the way how Trump is not ‘presidential’ enough, but they like what he does, I can’t help to remark about that. What do they expect?


  1. Well, I don’t know if President Trump fits many of those descriptions at the beginning of your post, but HE’S DOING ONE HELL OF A GREAT JOB !
    MAGA ! KMAG 2020 ! TRUMP JR. 2024 & 2028 ! IVANKA 2032& 2036 ! BARON….Well, you get the picture.

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