The Dangerous Stupidity Of Our Leaders And Governments

In Europe, we’ll see major fuel shortages this winter. The reason? European governments stopped investing in fossil fuel and went for the ‘green energy’. It’s a pity that the windmills and sun-panels are frozen over and don’t produce enough energy (or not at all!)! I guess that the Europeans will hurl together because of the darkness and biting cold. And I’m not talking about the Record-high electricity prices.

As President Trump had warned the Europeans, Russia will use the inflow of gas as geopolitical leverage point.

Germany continues its “disastrous” Energiewende transition to a low-carbon or net-zero future by shutting down reliable, resilient, and affordable natural gas, coal, and nuclear plants. In early 2021 German federal government auditors found the “country would need to spend over $600 billion between 2020 to 2025 to maintain grid reliability.” This is on top of the $580 billion already spent by the Germans on Energiewende while closing the Brokdorf, Grohnde, and Gundremmingen zero-carbon nuclear reactors on December 31, 2021.

The EU are opting for intermittent, grossly expensive, land-gouging, and dangerous industrial wind and solar farms for baseload electrical generation. Make no mistake — we are a fossil fuel world. If Germany doesn’t change, blackouts are its future.

How stupid can you be as government? How stupid can the average European voter and citizen to allow those stupid politicians making such blunders and even worse, allowing them to continue to blunder everyone into the dark, freezing cold and (personal) bankruptcy?

And I hope people will realize that when there is no energy, no electricity, there will be no economy. And when there is no economy, there will be no food!

While NATO’s original intent was to keep the Russians out of Europe, it is now beholden to Gazprom, the Kremlin-owned oil and natural gas firm. Putin weaponizes his energy resources to further Russian interests, fund his military to invade countries such as Ukraine, and uses military alliances with China to threaten the post-World War II liberal-led order.

With this stupidity of Europe, the energy clueless American administration, the ‘idiots‘ managed to be victims of the weaponization of energy by Putin. The while fiasco will put the EU, NATO and the US in a very bad position with the ‘talks’ with the Russians, and increasing a looming war, obviously starting in Europe.

And thanks to the European and US stupidity, it allowed Russia to have a stranglehold on EU, its energy policies, livelihoods and viability. Europe’s energy catastrophe is quickly becoming a permanent fixture, “which will devastate its economy” and way of life, and decimate NATO.

And whose fault is that? You might say Germany with their insane policies, you might say that German’s guilt and shame over the Holocaust and following a Jew-hating, but the actual truth is that everyone involved (all European governments (including that of the US administration) are at fault, together with those who voted those madmen into office and keep them into office.

I don’t feel sorry for the Europeans. It’s their own fault that they will suffer terribly and many of them will die because of this ongoing stupidity and blundering.


  1. I had to look hard for the truth, too bad this will likely be sensored by google and goverments.


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