Concentration Camps Are Coming For Us! Part 1

Concentration camps

In China, with their “zero COVID” strategy, constructed “quarantine camps”, where they lockup infected people. The same in Australia (sources), they call it detention camps for unvaccinated. In Austria, they fine every unvaccinated $4,100 … the police can check everyone. In Italy, the unvaccinated are banned from restaurants, bars and public transportation, and could face suspensions from work and monthly fines. In America, they have already detention centers, and articles in news papers suggest more extreme measures.

With other words, lock those up who refuse to be vaccinated and use the army or police to find those undesirables and force them. These tactics have been used before. This is the slippery slope that starts with well-meaning intentions for the greater good and ends with tyrannical abuses: Don’t comply? Lock them up in concentration camps and forget about them.

And if you’re vaccinated, don’t think you’re safe! At the moment you’re infected with COVID (again and again and again), vaccinated or not, you’ll be locked up as well!!

Do you know how those concentration camps started right before and during the Second World War in Germany (and later all over Europe)? In those times, they established 44,000 quarantine camps for the racially, inferior, politically unacceptable and/or those simply non-compliant.

Let me compare the Nazi concentration camps with what we have right now popping up:

  • In Australia and China, their detention camps are established  for the politically unacceptable and/or those simply non-compliant
  • In America, the detention camps are already established and ready for the politically unacceptable and/or those simply non-compliant. They only need Biden to authorize the implementation and unvaccinated (and of course ‘domestic terrorists’ and those non-compliant will be picked up and locked up)

    Approved COVID-19 quarantine camps near US airports
    Approved COVID-19 quarantine camps near US airports


  • In Italy, Australia and France – to name a few – started already to lock unvaccinated in their homes, refuse access to the public. The next step is putting them into camps.

To go back to the Nazi times and their concentration camps, it weren’t only Jews being locked up, but also Polish nationals, gypsies, Russians, political dissidents, handicapped, resistance fighters, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals and more undesirables.

The purpose of these concentration camps were initially intended to “incarcerate and intimidate the leaders of political, social, and cultural movements that the Nazis perceived to be a threat to the survival of the regime.”

Let me compare this with what happens currently in China and Australia:

The purpose of these detention camps are intended to incarcerate and intimidate the leaders of political, social, and cultural movements and those none-compliant that the government perceived to be a threat to the survival of the regime and its policies.

Isn’t that cute? They almost use the same reasoning as the Nazi’s did!

How do you get from there to here, from Nazi concentration camps to COVID quarantine centers?

This is not about COVID, neither politics, populist movements, safety or any medical reason, or any country.

This is about what happens when good, generally decent people—distracted by manufactured crises, polarizing politics, one-political party system and fighting that divides the populace into warring “us vs. them” camps—fail to take note of the looming danger that threatens to wipe freedom from the map and place us all in chains.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

It’s about what happens when any government is empowered to adopt a comply-or-suffer-the-consequences mindset that is enforced through mandates, lockdowns, penalties, detention centers, martial law, and a disregard for the rights of the individual.

The slippery slope begins in just this way, with propaganda campaigns about the public good being more important than individual liberty, and it ends with lockdowns and concentration camps.

Let it be a warning for us all. You might think this is impossible today, but you’re wrong. It happens already in China and Australia, and the US is already ready to implement it!

You’re being warned!


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