The Shocking Facts About COVID-19 Vaccines – Thank God I’m Not Vaccinated

Trust us (CDC)

A massive article with references about shocking deaths and wounded connected directly to COVID-19 vaccines (instead of the disease or virus itself). This article might shock you.

And when you’re already vaccinated, it’s better not to read further, because you might not feel good about this whole mess. Don’t think about your family and your children what they might be confronted with when their time comes to suffer from an ailment triggered and/or caused by the vaccine or one of the boosters. For the rest keep reading and don’t take any COVID-19 vaccine.

Explosive deaths on a massive scale of those who are fully and triple vaccinated. Canada and Israel suffer from a pandemic of only fully vaccinated people. Hidden Pfizer trial data shows all unborn babies aborted. Fully vaccinated have become COVID-19 super-spreaders. Data from 145 countries show that covid vaccinations INCREASE associated sickness and death. US pilot deaths increase with 1,750% after COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

A pharmaceutical giant spent $259 billion bribing doctors and hospitals to push deadly drugs on patients. A study reveals that Pfizer vaccine can alter DNA in human liver cells. COVID-19 booster shots lowers the white blood cells more and more with each shot, turning them into AIDS like patients. Fauci is the greatest mass murderer in the history of humankind.

Nice, huh? Those wonderful COVID-19 vaccines, who are designed to fight, stop and destroy the coronavirus and end the pandemic? It seems that the vaccine is not working very well. I’m so glad that I’m not vaccinated.

Israel and Canada shows the world that COVID-19 vaccines do not work!

In Israel, the COVID-19 infections are accelerating, and the virus targets mainly those who’re vaccinated, especially those with boosters. In Canada, 90% of the COVID-19 deaths are vaccinated, 83% in Israel!

Bombshell data from 145 countries show that covid vaccines INCREASE COVID-19 associated sickness and death

Data study of 145 countries show COVID vaccines makes things worse
Data study of 145 countries show COVID vaccines makes things worse

This according to a study by Kyle A. Beattie entitled Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19: A BigData Analysis of 145 Countries (the PDF version is here).

The study found that the COVID vaccines cause more COVID cases per million (+38% in US) and more deaths per million associated with COVID (+31% in US).

This is hardly the first study to reach those conclusions. These studies, all done independently, found the same thing—the more you vaccinate, the worse things get.

  1. The Lyons-Weiler paper
  2. The Harvard study
  3. The German study
  4. The Denmark study (which shows Dr. James was right; you have to boost every 30 days to maintain protection.
  5. German government data (this is from The Expose)
  6. 80% of the COVID deaths in the UK are vaccinated
  7. Lancet: 89% Of New UK COVID Cases Among Fully Vaxxed

Vaccine mandate did not lead to herd immunity, caused spike in COVID-19 cases and deaths instead

Statistical analysis used standard computing procedures to determine the causal effect of vaccine administration on two dependent variables that have been measured throughout the COVID-19 scandal. The results of the analysis were troubling. The statistical analysis found that causal impacts of the vaccine on COVID-19 cases range from -46% to +12240%, with an average causal impact of +260.88%. Additionally, causal impacts of the vaccine on COVID-19 associated deaths range from -19% to +19015%, with an average causal impact of +463.13%. At the worst end of the spectrum, 80% of the COVID deaths in the UK in December 2021 were in fully vaccinated people.

This uptick in COVID-19 cases and deaths comes even after the CDC ordered laboratories to use PCR tests with lower cycle thresholds for people who are vaccinated. The CDC even called on laboratories to stop reporting COVID-19 cases in the vaccinated. But COVID-19 testing programs continued, regardless, and COVID-19 began to describe various mild to severe illnesses in both the vaccinated and unvaccinated, with different variants cropping up in the population.

CDC data shows deaths of millennials SURGED by 84% after COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) proves that there was a surge in deaths among millennials in the United States after the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine mandates were implemented. According to the data, the millennial generation in the U.S. suffered more than 61,000 excess deaths during the second half of 2021 alone.

US pilot deaths increase by 1,750% after covid vaccine rollout

Previously healthy U.S. airline pilots are passing away at an unprecedented rate. Pilots are required to be in tip-top physical condition, but in 2021, the entire airline industry conspired against the pilot’s individual health and threatened them with termination if they did not partake in the COVID-19 vaccine experiment. As a result, over one hundred young pilots have mysteriously passed away in 2021, as countless other pilots suffer silently from adverse events and depleted immune systems.

A total of one hundred eleven pilots died in the first eight months of this year! This is a 1,750% increase from 2020, when the world was supposed to be in the middle of a pandemic. A list of the deceased individuals was published in the Air Line Pilot Association magazine. In comparison, there were 6 airline pilot deaths in 2020, and only one death in 2019.

Embalmers, funeral directors reveal that COVID-vaccinated bodies show “unusual blood clots”

All around the world, embalmers and funeral directors are coming forward to tell all about how the state of human remains has changed for the worst ever since the coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” emerged.

Fully vaccinated corpses contain “white, fibrous, wormlike” blood clots.

In England, Funeral Director John O’Looney said he is seeing a massive increase in thrombosis deaths. In an interview, O’Looney revealed that it is not just “a two- or three-fold increase – it’s around a 500 or 600 percent increase.”

COVID-19 vaccination policies in the Philippines are KILLING people daily

In the Southeast Asian nation of the Philippines, where President Rodrigo Duterte’s tyrannical vaccine mandate policies are getting people killed every day. COVID-19 vaccine deaths are not new in the Philippines. As early as April 2021, when the country’s COVID-19 vaccination program was just beginning, the Philippine Food and Drug Administration admitted that the country had received over 24,000 reports of adverse events and there were at least 24 deaths related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Furthermore, in the Philippines, a catastrophic drop in birth since the country started with the vaccination mandates. The same for excess death, that’s 700 people a day who are dying. You can see the presentation here.

Daily deaths and births in the Philippins in 2021
Daily deaths and births in the Philippine in 2021

Deadly shots: Even healthy teenagers, athletes and doctors are not safe with COVID-19 vaccines

Healthy teenagers, athletes and doctors are among the tens of thousands of people who died within hours or days after getting their Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine doses. And an increasing number felt the need to speak out about the ways the COVID-19 injections have altered their lives.

Long-term effects of COVID-19 shots are not yet clear, although spike proteins are said to circulate in the body after injections, causing damage to cells, tissues and organs. Dr. Peter McCullough, an internist, cardiologist and trained epidemiologist known for voicing out against the vaccines, said spike proteins are deadly.

Among the most surprising effects of the vaccines is how they have been affecting otherwise healthy people. Athletes around the world have died of heart attacks and strokes following their shots.

Thanks in part to COVID jabs, most US counties lost population in 2021

Almost every county in the United States lost more people than it gained in 2021, and the corporate-controlled media is blaming it on the pandemic. The Census Bureau released new figures showing that on top of many people dying, fewer people are having children – and why would they be in this heinous environment of nonstop corruption and evil from every direction?

According to Kenneth M. Johnson, a sociology professor and demographer at the University of New Hampshire, the U.S. is currently seeing the smallest population increase in 100 years. Johnson says he expects the newest data to show a natural population decrease, but was surprised at its sheer scale. A natural decrease, by the way, is when population records show more deaths than births.

“I think one of the most important findings is the fact that almost 2,300 counties had more deaths than births in them,” Johnson said. “That’s unheard of in American history.”

Official government data suggests triple vaccinated for COVID now have vaccine-induced AIDS and are five times more likely to die

The latest figures out of Canada suggest that on average across the country, those who got “fully vaccinated” for the coronavirus (COVID-19) have lost about three-quarters of their immune system capacity.

Compared to the natural immune systems of unvaccinated people, the double and triple vaccinated are down about 74 percent and 73 percent, respectively, in terms of their damaged immune systems’ ability to fight off diseases of any kind.

Much like AIDS patients, the fully jabbed, whom we now know have full-blown vaccine-induced AIDS (VAIDS), are susceptible to every disease that comes along. Many of them will likely die in the coming months and years because of it.

“The official figures show that they are on average 3.7 times more likely to be infected with COVID-19 and 5.1 times more likely to die from the disease than the unvaccinated population,” reports the Daily Exposé about the triple vaccinated.

“These figures therefore suggest that both the double and triple vaccinated population in Canada have now had so much damage caused to their immune systems by the COVID-19 injections that they have now developed Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.”

With a total population of 38.01 million, according to 2020 data, Canada’s unvaccinated population is currently 13.11 million people while the triple vaccinated population is only about 12.9 million people.

The real-world effectiveness of the jabs, it turns out, is actually negative, which further illustrates the immune-wasting properties of the injections.

As of the week ending February 6, the jabs were -221.16 percent effective in the double jabbed. By the week ending February, that figure dropped to -276.16 percent.

For the triple vaccinated, the overall rate of immune decline is even worse. During the same time period, real-world jab effectiveness dropped from -197.79 percent to -269.87 percent.

“This means that on average, the double vaccinated population are 3.8 times more likely to contract COVID-19 than the unvaccinated, and the triple vaccinated population are 3.7 times more likely to contract COVID-19 than the unvaccinated,” the Exposé explained.

“Unfortunately, official Government of Canada data indicates that a large proportion of the double vaccinated and triple vaccinated population have now developed Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), or a novel condition with similar attributes that can only be described as COVID-19 Vaccine Induced Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS).”

Post-injection, the immune system does not ever return to its original and natural state as claimed. We were told that the spike proteins in the jab would eventually wane and leave the immune system better off than it was initially, but it is now clear that the exact opposite happens.

Excess deaths mount in the US after COVID-19 vaccine rollouts, mandates

America is in the midst of war comparable to World War II and the Vietnam War combined, and an attack thousands of times more devastating than the World Trade Center tragedy. These are all documented in recently released Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data.

An article published by Waking Times last year said that lockdown mandates “should be regarded as a crime against humanity.” It stated that “policymakers were rash, reactionary and criminally negligent.”

“Blood is on their hands, and a lot of it. The decision of lawmakers to enact these policies is directly contributory to the deaths of countless people. They are culpable, and liability should most certainly be applicable,” the article said.

In 2020, the number of people killed in motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. rose to the highest level in more than a decade, even though Americans did significantly less driving than in 2019. It was the steepest annual increase in the fatality rate per mile traveled in nearly a century, apparently due to more substance abuse and more high-speed driving on empty roads.

Among Americans aged 15 to 54, there were roughly 56,000 excess deaths from March to November 2020, of which about 22,000 involved COVID-19 – leaving 34,000 from other causes.

Reports pointed to some obvious lockdown-related factors. There was a sharp decline in visits to emergency rooms and an increase in fatal heart attacks due to failure to receive prompt treatment. Fewer people were screened for cancer. Social isolation contributed to excess deaths from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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