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  1. The Red Wave

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    August 11, 2018 by wimvincken

    30% of the black vote is for Trump. And Trump only needs 20-30% of the black votes and the Democrats are toast. And from the Latinos, Trump needs also about 30% of their votes and guess what? He has them already. Why? Think about the economy growth of 4.1%, which is more then excellent for the blacks and the Latinos. And then we have the EU deal, the expected deal with Mexico and probably soon after that Canada and that brings more economical growth. And it’s expected that the Republicans are showing up by mass for the midterm elections, all of them voting for the Republicans. In the Senate, the Republicans are more then likely to grow with eight seats; meaning a filibuster-proof majority, retain control of the House. And then the demographic factors of the Midterms. Elderly and conservatives vote more often, and young people, blacks, and Latino do not and here you have a red wave.

  2. Create your website for your special project

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    November 22, 2016 by wimvincken

    You have a great idea and you want to earn money with it. That idea will be so great, you will become rich with that. Or what about people who think of themselves as business people with golden ideas. And all those ideas are Internet based. They think they only need a website and it will sell automatically and that’s it! And the majority fails. But what does it take to do such thing like that? This is an article about what people must consider before they can make this a reality with the help of the Internet and the steps they need to take before the actual work starts.


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