The COVID Survival Rates With/Without Vaccine – No Differences

This article is about the survival or mortality rates for vaccinations and for the COVID-19 (without vaccinations). The problem is that COVID-19 causes death, but vaccinations by itself causes also death. Governments and health organizations let you believe that COVID-19 causes death, and they are correct, but they don’t mention that vaccines also cause death. Let’s compare the mortality rates between the two and see if vaccinations indeed causes less death than COVID-19.

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Dr. John Ioannidis, the Stanford University “Professor of Medicine (Stanford Prevention Research), of Epidemiology and Population Health and, by courtesy, of Statistics and of Biomedical Data Science,” was curious about actual infection fatality rates (IFRs) for COVID-19. Extrapolating from confirmed cases, he concluded that, around the world, more than half a billion people have probably been infected with COVID-19.

Here it is:


Age Median IFR Survival rate estimate Mortality rate estimate
0-19 0.0027% 99.9973% 0.0027%
20-29 0.0140% 99.9860% 0.0140%
30-39 0.0310% 99.9690% 0.0310%
40-49 0.0820% 99.9880% 0.0120%
50-59 0.2700% 99.7300% 0.2700%
60-69 0.5900% 99.4100% 0.5900%
Age stratified infection fatality rates for COVID-19 loannides and Axfors July 2021

Dr. Ioannidis decided to look at age-related survival rates, and he came up with survival numbers (source (paywall)) that, if more widely known, would bring this mad panic to an end. He is using the latest statistical data, which by this replaces the conclusions based on older data.

Young people, up to the age of 19, have 0.0027% chance to die from COVID-19. For people between the age of 20-29, they have 0.0140% change to die, etc. The highest risk group on earth are those between 60-69, with a risk of 0.5900% to die. These are statistical numbers per age group, and they don’t differentiate between healthy or not healthy people. It’s a simple counting the numbers from available statistics.

If you compare the side effects from vaccinates, the CDC states that 0.6% of all cases resulted in death. That’s about the same as those people in the age group 60-69! So why should you take a risk to accept a vaccine, which does not do anything about the mortality rate!

Cost what cost, vaccinate the masses

In a study in Frontiers, they state that “… Therefore, our data suggest that the benefits of COVID-19 vaccines far outweigh the potential risks in older frail populations (e.g., long-term care facilities), and our findings do not support actions to exclude older adults from being vaccinated as the Norwegian government did.”. With other words, who cares that they die, because it’s for the common good.

The reasoning to double down the vaccinations to everyone are based on the statistical mortality rates, especially the elderly. They think that if only a few dies, it would protect the majority of the people. They make only one mistake or assumption, they think that the mortality rate of COVID-19 pandemic is much higher than the 0.6% of the vaccines. The reality is that 0.59% die when not vaccinated in the age group of 60-69.

It makes no difference if you are vaccinated or not, statistically there is no difference.

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  1. They state this. The proportions of participants who reported at least 1 serious adverse event were 0.6% in the vaccine group and 0.5% in the placebo group. Not that 0.6% died from being vaccinated. Misleading article


  2. Prior to that they also state that “Serious adverse events were defined as any untoward medical occurrence that resulted in death, was life-threatening, required inpatient hospitalization or prolongation of existing hospitalization, or resulted in persistent disability/incapacity.”

    So to be fair the definition of a serious adverse event does include death, but unfortunately we don’t know which proportion of the 0.6% can be attributed towards deaths as a result of being vaccinated.

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  3. The Russian authors of this article were probably born in July because JOU-LYING!!!! 😂😂😂


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